Thankful for iTunes

itunes logo
I’m so thankful for iTunes! I sync all my content onto my iPhone, iPod and my iPad. I choose the songs I want on each device, the photos, the books, the ebooks, the audio books, the magazines, my address book and what not.

I also use it like a jukebox media player on my iMac desktop.

I buy songs from iTunes on any of my Mac devices and sync them using iTunes!

There are many more functions to iTunes, you can stream music online, burn CDs, preset Internet radio stations…

Caution: If you haven’t checked out iTunes, you must! But please make sure you uncheck Autosync. Autosync will automatically download all content you’ve added to your iTunes library since the last sync, to any Apple device you’ve hooked up, and if your library doesn’t content your up-to-date content then you are screwed. Uh-oh!

Remember to check out iTunes, it’s the coolest software!

Thankful For Public Toilets

public toilet
I’m so thankful for public toilets here in Canada! Imagine if there was no toilet anywhere and you are literally dying to go?? Ok, for gents, you are much better off but for us ladies, we have to use toilets! We just can’t do it behind the bushes!

I was literally dying to go the other day, I left my house, drank two cups of water and a carrot juice! I went inside Safeway and I barely made it to the toilet! Praise to the Lord! I would have been in BIG trouble if there was no public toilet around.

Most of us living in North America take public toilets for granted!

We literally can just run right into a toilet when we need to relieve ourselves. Aren’t we ever so lucky?

Did you know that close to 2.5 billion people in the world still do not have access to these wonderful flush toilets?

In many developing countries, many people are still using buckets or holes! Eww!

Even in most places in Europe, you have to pay to access a public toilet. Imagine you are about to piss in your pants and you have no change in your wallet? X@#%@#!

I bet you didn’t know there is a World Toilet Day and it’s on November 19th.
Next time you hear that powerful flush remember to be thankful! Be Thankful for these wonderful flush toilets in all these public places!